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Physical Fitness

Army Physical Fitness Badge


Soldiers that score 270 or above, with a minimum of 90 points per event on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and meet body fat standards will be awarded the Physical Fitness Badge for physical fitness excellence. Soldiers are required to meet these criteria on each recorded test to continue to wear the badge.


Army PT Uniform



The physical fitness uniform consists of the gray Army T-shirt, black trunks, black sweat pants (moisture wicking), black and gray running jacket, and accessories including the reflective belt and knit cap.


APFT Calculator (

APFT Scorecard - DA 705

Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Standards

  1. Push-Up Standards
  2. Sit-Up Standards
  3. 2-Mile Run Standards (20 minutes and under)
  4. 2-Mile Run Standards (20 minutes and over)
  5. Height and Weight Standards

Plan to Improve and Maximize APFT

Army Weight Control Program Site

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Halloween PT Contest Winners

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