Hall of Fame Ceremony

Pic of Army ROTC

The Department of Military Science was pleased to add three new members to our Military Science Hall of Fame November 9, 2023.

Now, we look forward to receiving nominations for the 2024 year. If you have a MU AROTC alumnus whom you’d like to nominate, please go to the HOF Nomination Form dropdown list (above), complete the form and send it to us. We would be pleased to invite our Hall of Fame Board members to make selections for next year.


Thank you for your interest, support, and participation in the Military Science, Army ROTC program at MU.

If you would like to give toward MU Army ROTC in honor of a Hall of Fame inductee, please follow this link: MU Tiger Battalion Alumni Fund .


Thank you for supporting the Military Science Department and the MU Army ROTC Hall of Fame.